Our Services

An independent boutique specialising in the resale of designer items

Wardrobe too full?

You may be too busy and too occupied with more important things – but with our years of experience and natural affinity for style, we will match your designer items to a new, well suited wearer; giving your clothes a refreshed lease of life, preventing waste and filling your pockets so you can work on refilling that wardrobe!

Wardrobe too empty?

Our personal stylists will assist you as you browse the rails, helping you to find what you’re looking for, and maybe something you didn’t know you needed! Our unique business model allows us to provide you with the exclusive designer items you crave, at a much lower cost than anywhere else on the high street.

Personalised Skincare

Our highly trained expert with over 25 years of experience is here to provide you with a fabulous range of tailored treatments to suit your skin type so you can relax in total confidence; whether anti-ageing or a pamper session.

How it works…

It’s really simple


Call in at any time or call us to book a consultation. We’re open for business and operate exactly the same as a normal shop.
We’ll always try our best to provide you with tailored, honest advice to make sure your choices are on-trend and well fitted.


To participate in the new wave of ethical fashion and earn disposable income at the same time; Bring in your cleaned designer items to us for a consultation on it’s value. We will stock the items in store for 8 weeks. When your item finds a new owner, you will receive 50% of the resale value.